Welcome to my website. My name is Alexandre GAILLARD and I’m currently a PhD student at Toulouse School of Economics specialized in Macroeconomics, Quantitative Economics and Numerical Methods.

My current research covers topics related to inequality, taxation and entrepreneurship.

I’m also a research assistant of Tim Lee (TSE) on problematics related to human capital, inequality and career choice. Finally, I’m teaching assistant in graduate and undergraduate courses of macroeconomics.

  •    Positions:

    • Teaching Assistant: Macroeconomics (Christian Hellwig, Sumudu Kankanamge), Microeconomics (Michel-Benoit Bouissou), Toulouse School of Economics.
    • Research Assistant: Tim Lee, Toulouse School of Economics

  •    Papers:

    « Entrepreneurship, Unemployment and Insurance Effect » (joint work with S. Kankanamge) presented in

    • Midwest Macroeconomics Meetings (MMM) in Madison (2018)
    • ADEMU conference « Risk Sharing and Macroeconomic Interdependencies » in Prague (2018)
    • Society for Economics Dynamics (SED) in Edimburg (2017)
    • ADEMU conference in Toulouse (2017)
    • XXII Workshop on Dynamic Macroeconomics in Vigo (2017)
    • Computing in Economics and Finance (CEF) in New York (2017)